Kreatywne Mazowsze initiative was undertaken back in 2014by a group of business, universities and organizations, that stepped up common efforts towards developing innovativeness within the area of Mazowsze.  Its goal was to carry out projects and implement programs, that will enable the Mazowieckie Province to qualify into the Top 50 of The Most Innovative Regions of the European Union until 2020.

The date on which 17 organizations representing local authorities, scientific units and business signed the Program Manifesto, that took place at the V Forum of Mazowsze Development, is considered a milestone for cooperation and joint involvement in establishing of the collaboration platform to be shared by various entities. This event contributed to forming the structures of Kreatywne Mazowsze and stirred up works on initial projects focused on efficient combining of the infrastructure and services addressed to the technology transfer, building up reliable clusters, cooperating between the startups and corporations as well as commercial design and design thinking.

In 2015 we established the Kreatywne Mazowsze Foundation, to promote and support development of innovativeness within the region.



Creative Mazovia Manifesto

Warszawa, 4th of November 2014

Basing up the expertise and know-how we have gained by far, we are truly convinced that we are about to face up challenges that occur to developed economies worldwide. We have identified the need to provide our region with a new development stimulation. It will be grounded on a foundation made of science and business. Therefore, it will implement the vision that has been comprised in the social and economic development program of the European Uniona (EU) – Strategy „Europe 2020” and Development Strategy for Mazowieckie Province until 2030. Basing on experience of other states and regions, we do believe that a properly expanded knowledge and innovativeness contribute to a permanent competitive advantage and that is why we shall undertake the following:

  • Use best endeavors to turn innovativeness into a leading trait of Mazowsze. Our objective is to be promoted to the group including top 50 of EU innovative regions until 2020.
  • Commence an open cooperation in order to establish the environment supporting development of entrepreneurial activities, growth of the economy of intelligent specializations and efficient commercialization of ambitious R&D achievements.
  • Carry out actions aimed at effective collaboration model between the science, business and state institutions, so to set up an effective legal structure allowing for implementation of joint R&D projects.
  • Build up a mutual synergy of initiatives and projects, enabling to raise funds in an efficient manner, so to finance particular operations.
  • Develop tools for real enhancement of actions dedicated to the sustainable development policy and ecological awareness.
  • Conduct operations contributing to expansion of social innovations, creation of multicultural society, stimulation of creativity and entrepreneurship of the local communities.



Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Mazowieckiego – Marszałek Adam Struzik

Mazowiecka Jednostka Wdrażania Programów Unijnych 

Mazowiecka Jednostka Wdrażania Programów Unijnych 
– Dyrektor Mariusz Frankowski

Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza –Członek Zarządu Piotr Popik

Gmina Grodzisk Mazowiecki – z up. Burmistrza Gminy Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Mariusz Malinowski

Politechnika Warszawska

Politechnika Warszawska
 – Prorektor ds. rozwoju Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Wincenciak

Szkoła Główna Handlowa – Prorektor ds. Zarządzania Prof. dr hab. Marek Bryx

Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna – Prorektor ds. rozwoju dr. hab. Inż. Mariusz Figurski

Centrum Przedsiębiorczości Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego– Dyrektor Centrum Przedsiębiorczości dr. hab. Jerzy Cieślik

Płocki Park Przemysłowo- Technologiczny – Prezes Zarządu, Michał Luczewski

Radomskie Centrum Innowacji i Technologii – Prezes Tomasz Tarczyński

Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego– Prezes Bożena Gargas

Pro-Development – projekt Przestrzeń Kreatywna –Prezes Zarządu Łukasz Madej

Fundacja Centrum Innowacji Fire –Wiceprezes Zarządu, Cweti Czyżycka

BTM Innovations Mazowiecki Klaster BioTechMed – Prezes Paweł Nowicki

Kancelaria Doradztwa Gospodarczego Cieślak& Kordasiewicz

Kancelaria Doradztwa Gospodarczego Cieślak& Kordasiewicz
 – Partner Zarządzający, dr Rafał Cieślak


 – Prezes Wojciech Gackowski

Netsprint –Prezes Zarządu, Artur Banach

Innovatika – z up. Prezesa Zarządu Magdalena Jackowska- Rejman



We are the Foundation whose objective is promotion of innovativeness in the Mazowieckie Province. We intend to conduct joint ventures and programs that allow us for joining the Top 50 of The Most Innovative Regions of the European Union until 2020.

This goal requires different type of commitment. These are the local authority branches, universities and business environments, that may contribute to the process bolstering the innovativeness. Therefore, we, as the Foundation, get involved into projects that unite business entities operating within the region and we carry out intense promotional activities based on cooperation, know-how sharing and information exchange. We organize conferences, workshops and trainings. We encourage others to join the discussion on the issues considered crucial for the region, and we participate in the projects that strengthen the innovative position of Mazowsze in Europe. Furthermore, we are aware of the essential role of the society in building up of the region’s potential and that is why we also gear towards social innovations, that enhance the life quality.

We are open to collaboration with local authorities, universities and NGOs as well as business environments. Now, we would like to introduce you our achievements.



President of the Foundation


Łukasz Madej

Project Coordinator

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Mateusz Rogalski

Project Coordinator


Kamila Chmielewska

Project Coordinator

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