Creation and development of both product and social innovations is based not only on permanent interaction of business, science and administration, yet also on participation of the social partners and innovation users and receivers, in particular.

Innovative areas are a tool that allowing for setting up a pro-innovative ecosystem, achieved through animation of the close cooperation (also in term of geography) of all the process participants. Here, a key task is to generate user-friendly conditions for dwellers of such an area as well as for their neighbors. Thus, affecting the economy, we may also influence development of urban space and fabric.

In order to let this Innovation Area be efficient, it is advisable to attract as many partners as possible, as early as at a design phase, so to evaluate their expectations, knowledge and expertise. It enables to establish the districts of innovation, covering not only strictly planned architecture, but also processes of shaping the innovation and methods to involve the participants. Incorporating of such areas into a living urban fabric, prevents from establishing of enclaves, that become deserted once the office work is over.